Metal-Hub Russia Italia. Italian and Russian Metal Industry Leaders Come Together

Sep 15, 2021

From Elba to the Urals, a heritage of metallurgy paves the way for shared innovation. On 21 September 2021 the round table Metal-Hub Russia Italy.


Among the main themes of the Public Conference of the Italy-Russia Chamber of Commerce “From exports to joint ventures: the importance of collaboration between Italian and Russian companies and regions” at the Hotel Principe di Savoia in Milan.

Metallurgy and related industrial technologies in the various areas of the ferrous and non-ferrous supply chains are among the leading interchange sectors between Italy and Russia. And, the round table during the CCIR conference on September 21st is the first encounter between representatives of the metallurgical sector from the two countries.

This round table represents an opportunity to understand new resources, along with the effects and consequences for both large operators and international markets.
An opportunity not only to compare volumes or market shares but also to look at possibilities for integration between the two schools, through the contributions of automation as well as upstream and downstream technologies for steel and non-ferrous metals.

The integration between the two metallurgical schools will bring important synergies in terms of technologies and trading in both the ferrous and non-ferrous sectors.
In fact, Italy and Russia have a shared intellectual heritage in Metallurgy technology, demonstrated by history. From Italy’s ancient ferrous deposits in Elba, exploited by the Etruscans and around which the historic European steel center of Piombino developed over the centuries, to the immense Russian mineral resources of the Urals which saw 200 iron foundries already developed in the XVIII century.


ModeratorAlberto Cavicchiolo

2:15 pm Introduction by Eugenio Bodini — Confindustria Brescia

2:20 pm Story of a successful cooperation

Antonello Colussi — President of Danieli Russia (via video link)

Alexey Sentyurin — Executive Director of Russian Steel Association (via video link)

Artom Asatur — Chairman of Russian Aluminium Association (via video link)

Anton Bazulev — Vice President International Affairs of Rusal (via video link)

Victor Semenov — CEO of Chermet Bardin (via video link)


3:00 pm Industrial innovation and metallurgy

Mario Caldonazzo — CEO of Finarvedi

Mario Conserva — President of Metef

Antonio Catalano — Vice President of Tenova

Franco Zanardi — Vice President of Assofond, President of Fonderie Zanardi

Mario Bodini — CEO of Sideridraulic

Francesca Bruni — President of ArtValley

Massimiliano Mancini — Vecchiato Officine Meccaniche Commercial Director


MetalHub Russia Italy MetalHub Россия Итали is a program promoted by CCIR with the coordination of ArtValley and Mill’s in collaboration with industry institutions

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