A exchange platform for innovative metallurgy and the engineering of materials.


The aim of M‑Hub is to promoting European experience in advanced metallurgy and in the context of materials and expertise and develop international cooperation between those companies that are working in the capacity of technology integrators, and those that are ready to receive these technologies in countries that have a large user base to develop.

M‑Hub is intended to elaborate the possible technical, technological, engineering and market collaborations between the industrial metal networks of different contexts. M‑Hub is a privileged channel for gathering information, a ‘think tank’ where topics, news, and research in a given industrial sector are compared.

In M‑Hub, we have the opportunity to meet key people and decision makers and to initiate a conversation with them that continues over time. This constant activity will produce abundantly fruitful results for every participant – transnationals, industrial groups, national and private groups, state and national government entities – both in terms of their own businesses as well as their personal experiences.

M‑Hub, Intellectual Hub

M‑Hub is a strategic “public diplomacy” initiative with the goal of building strong relationships between International and Italian and European industrial and technology partners, in order to involve those in the countries having influence on the purchasing of supplies, start-ups, technological innovations, advanced materials, services, and jobs. R&D as well as M&A are two of the areas in which M.Hub has promoted and focused in order to create interchange.

International Tracking

The M‑Hub project is inspired by the extensive experience of industries and experts in metallurgy, engineering and organization. Moving in an international direction, businesses, driven by commercial needs, communicate less as they move further into foreign markets. It’s as if the pressure to sell has led them to abandon the effective cultural, marketing and promotion criteria and strategies they always used in Italy and in Europe. This is evident in the fact that the turnover for advertising and promotion in Italy, which is up to around €18bn is primarily dedicated to domestic communications within Italy. This is despite the fact that more than a third of commercial GDP is coming from activities abroad.

India’s market

With the five-year Indo-Italian Metal Hub program we have considered India much more than a marketplace. It is a genuine relational and engineering hub. This has allowed us to have priority access to the Indian metallurgy groups, both upstream and downstream. Many companies and industry groups have gotten involved. Among the participants: JSPL, Tata Steel, Vedanta, Hindalco, Uniseven, Danieli, Tenova, Sideridraulic, and the associations AAI, Assofond, Amafond, AIB and Assomet. In cooperation with Metef, Amafond, Assofond, Italian Confindustria, Italian Railways Sector.