Valley is the space where industry and institutions find themselves in a network and part of a fabric useful to productive processes.
Art is for the arts involved in the production process: strategy, company policies, and diplomacy.


Art Valley is a unique organization that hosts projects and international forums for the promotion of specific cultural and geo-political initiatives.
Art Valley activity is to organize ʻexchange-platforms’ and publish material on intelligent technologies, new design and materials, new business sectors, with the aim of promoting fertile crossover exchanges.
Art Valley focus is on providing strategies for cultural and international business diplomacy for both medium and long-term projects.
Art Valley has also launched important initiatives within the framework of the city. Art Valley is exploring the combinations of smart technologies, planning, building, transport, and other utilities in a science we call Citymatics.
It is involved in enabling the start-up of new projects and activities. As such it manages a programme dedicated to the production of content, the opening up of new networks, and training.
Cultural, technological and intellectual capital is an important and flourishing sector in Europe, and it has been the spur to launch businesses, dedicated workshops, and other initiatives.


“Those who love practice without science are like helmsmen who board a ship without rudder or compass, who are never certain where they’re going.”

Leonardo da Vinci

Art Valley
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