Colorado: International color trends

Aug 1, 2022

This is how structural painting is defined

By Gianfranco Marcon


With Colorado we are launching an initiative for the international community involved in the color supply chain and that of its primary structural application tool for construction, marine products, wood, and metals: the brush.

For over 30 years, MGG has been supplying the brush industry with unique technologies for automating industrial production, primarily in Europe and the Americas. With Colorado, our aim is to help spread the culture of color and provide useful information to supply-chain operators working in diverse international markets.

This project is promoted by a network based in Italy.

For centuries, Italy has been referred to as the country of painting and color. Color, along with the technologies offered by Italian companies, is indispensable for enhancing value. In order to highlight this aspect, we are hosting a presentation event in Italy for Colorado together with industry professionals from the international market. Our main focus: The European and North American market.

The common denominator: the environmental sustainability of tools (brushes and rollers) and products (paints).

The global architectural coatings market is projected to reach $79.5 billion by 2026. Of this total, acrylic products will account for over $50 million, with an annual compound growth rate of 5.5%. Inevitably, this is also an issue that affects the brush production sector, as evidenced by the commitment to eco-friendly paints expressed in a Colorado interview with the CEO of the historic Italian brand, Pennelli Cinghiale, in which she talks about the company’s experience and goals.

We have also given a lot of attention to the North American brush market, where MGG has been associated with ABMA since 2021 and where we have chosen to invest in establishing an operational presence to better serve local industry with easy access to technical assistance and strategic spare parts. The U.S. is also the home of The Delaware Paints Company, which Colorado interviewed about the complete industrial automation of brush manufacturing using the most cutting-edge technologies, even in the production of angle brushes.

We also turn our attention to India, the country of color, a huge market with an equally large paint and brush industry, still little explored by Western companies.

When it comes to technological innovation for the automated industrial production of brushes, Colorado focuses on angle brushes and the needs of US and UK brush producers. We will be following up in the next issue with the experiences of brush manufacturers in Europe as well as North and South America.



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