Crossroads in the Gcc Rail Network

Mar 10, 2016

by Francesca Bruni. Dubai, March 9th, 2016, Middle East Rail.

If miracles exist, we’ll have proof of it in this geographical and economic context, the Gcc, and at Middle East Rail, which is the most important event relative to transport in the Middle East. Despite the current situation in this area, in fact, investment in transport continues. 

What do we mean by “Crossroads”? Crossroads are truly opportunities that arise in the context of a special exchange such as this, with transport as a catalyst.

Around the theme of safety many experiences and specific needs intersect (and here we come again to the term ‘crossroads’). Safety is a crucial and momentous issue at this stage: we speak, in particular about safety as it regards transport.

The safety experts whom we have brought together are represented by Italian groups and companies that have staked their claim across the globe, and who are, in some cases, the world’s best in their given manufacturing sector. Friction and the interaction of materials and sand, the safety of rolling stock, unpredictable events, and high-speed technologies are the research focus of these Italian companies.

With these elements they are able to become an important link in the chain dedicated to mobility for public rail transport, which in recent years has been under pressure to enter into one of the most significant projects for the next 10 years: the Gcc Rail Network, with all of its associated civil works, equipment, stations and connections. 

An historical challenge, since the requisite standards are high, both for the environment and for the design. We are confident that together, these Italian groups represent a formidable offer, both as advisors and as suppliers of products and services, to those interlocutors who appreciate a level of quality and of experience that is unique in the world. 

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