Face welcomes the UE investigation on alleged dumped imports of aluminium

Feb 17, 2020

An investigation on imports of aluminium extrusions from China


FACE, the Federation of Aluminium Consumers in Europe, welcomes the launch by the EC of an investigation on imports of aluminium extrusions from China, and stresses that the exponential growth of Chinese exports is a major threat to the industry in Europe.

Our association sees Chinese overcapacities as a fundamental issue of global governance, such overcapacities are being used to flood Europe with massive exports of dumped products which severely harms our industry; according to a study commissioned by FACE to the LUISS University in Rome and published in 2019, much of the growth of EU imports of aluminium semis is due to state-supported Chinese exports. 

The EU aluminium industry, whose workforce is at 95% comprised of downstream transformer SME’s, faces an unprecedented situation that poses an existential challenge.

The European Union must take bold and decisive action to support its strategic aluminium value chain, and more aggressive trade defence actions are a necessity but only a partial solution; as historically requested by FACE, the EU must urgently eliminate the 6% import tariff structure on imports of unwrought aluminium, our raw material. 

It is a contradiction to call on one hand for anti dumping measures against unfair competition hurting us with artificially low prices and on the other hand maintain an import tariff structure that artificially increases the cost of our raw material.


FACE was founded in 1999 to specifically defend the interests of the EU independent downstream aluminium transformers, users and consumers, and is based in Brussels (face-aluminium.com).
Contact: Mario Conserva, Secretary-General 
Tel: +39 335 719 43 59 — Email:  m.conserva@face-aluminium.com


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