Matter of Forging

Jun 4, 2023

Global metallurgy is a complex mosaic in which specialized sectors and processes come to the fore

By Paolo Zanotta


It is an arena where the difference between ferrous and nonferrous raw materials is part of the industry’s backdrop, albeit with numerous variations. For that reason digital technologies and materials defined by “quantum” computation appear.

An industry that, as a whole, serves a market of more than two trillion dollars and remains the foundation of the global intersectoral industry.

The integration of production and trading has formed interesting convergences between specialized investors and innovative industries. Together they are constantly looking for unusual opportunities in the metallurgical sector.

From this perspective, CMF Group S.p.a. represents a uniquely high degree of technological excellence in the forging industry thanks to the innovative elements it has introduced to the international steel and mechanical engineering markets, and with new, stress-tested products for the wind energy, petrochemical, nautical and automotive sectors.

We would say CMF is one of the pinnacles of excellence in European forging and, together with its team, can be considered a training ship.

CMF’s collaboration with the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team

The extraordinary technological level achieved by the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli team boats has made it essential to work with partners who are able to offer extraordinary quality. CMF, with its technology and undisputed expertise, has entered the sailing world in its own right as an official supplier to the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli team ahead of the 37th America’s Cup.

In the case of Luna Rossa, the Cormons-based company forged the appendages that allow foiling boats, such as the AC75, to lift, reducing the resistance and friction caused by the water on the hull.

In this sector, the technical characteristics of the forged products increases their reliability, which is essential for safety at sea. In fact, forging allows the tools to be subjected to significantly higher mechanical and performance stresses when compared to other technologies.


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