Mill’s. Market Maps and Business Flows

Jan 12, 2021 |

An editorial movement that continually produces effective results for business

By Editorial Board


Mill’s is an editorial device, co-promoted by Art Valley, for continuing and maintaining international business despite the obstacles to logistics and travel.
The mill refers to the flows of business, which also require a map of the market.

The mill is an ancient tool, in this case used as a figure that favors business flows.
There are images of mills in many paintings from the European tradition, such as those painted by Van Gogh which were once in the Montmartre area of Paris.
Mill is also a word widely used in the world of metals; synonymous with factory, machine, rolling device.
The ancient Latin word for it is “mola”.

Due to the current transformation, in 2021 businesspeople will also be “tech-brokers” and “traders”. Operators need to refine their “arts” and find new ways to complete commercial transactions that previously took place in person. In fact, many businesspeople are becoming “traders”, and in 2021 this will have a prevalent role.

To deal with this transformation, advanced “editorial” methods for remote negotiations are used. These same methods will also be used to relaunch the conversation with customers in 2021.

To promote Mill’s business flow, 9133 Design Studio ( chose to create a logo for the brand that represents the M in form while acting like a windmill. The oldest, and most effective mill one knows.


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