Metal Hub

An Exchange Hub for Innovative Metallurgy and Materials Engineering


Metal Hub, Intellectual Hub

Metal Hub is a strategic “public diplomacy” initiative designed to build strong relationships between international industrial and technology partners across Italy, Europe, and the world. M‑Hub brings together networks that influence supply purchasing, startups, technological innovation, advanced materials, services, and job creation.

M‑Hub aims to showcase European expertise in advanced metallurgy and materials science, fostering international cooperation between technology integrators and companies ready to adopt these technologies in countries with significant user bases.


Metal Hub (M‑Hub) 

M‑Hub seeks to explore potential technical, technological, engineering, and market collaborations within industrial metal networks across diverse contexts. It serves as a privileged channel for information gathering, a think tank where topics, news, and research in the industrial sector are compared and analyzed.

M‑Hub focuses on promoting R&D and M&A activities to facilitate interchange. Here, key people and decision-makers can engage in ongoing conversations, leading to fruitful outcomes for participants—transnationals, industrial groups, national and private entities, and government bodies alike—enhancing both their businesses and personal experiences.


International Tracking

The M‑Hub project is inspired by the extensive experience of industries and experts in metallurgy, engineering, and organization. As businesses expand internationally, the need for effective communication and cultural marketing becomes crucial. However, there’s a noticeable decline in these efforts as companies move further into foreign markets, driven by commercial pressures.

In Italy, the turnover for advertising and promotion is around €18bn, primarily dedicated to domestic communications, despite more than a third of commercial GDP coming from international activities.


India’s Market

Through the five-year Indo-Italian Metal Hub program, we view India not just as a marketplace but as a genuine relational and engineering hub. This program grants us priority access to Indian metallurgy groups, both upstream and downstream.

Many companies and industry groups have joined the initiative, including JSPL, Tata Steel, Vedanta, Hindalco, Uniseven, Danieli, Tenova, Sideridraulic, and associations like AAI, Assofond, Amafond, AIB, and Assomet. The program is conducted in cooperation with Metef, Amafond, Assofond, Italian Confindustria, and the Italian Railways Sector.