Market maps and business flows.


Mill’s. The term “mill” refers to the flow of business, which necessitates a market map. Traditionally an ancient tool, the mill is used metaphorically here to symbolize the facilitation of business flows.
Iconic images of mills are found in many European paintings, such as those by Van Gogh depicting the Montmartre area of Paris.
In the metal industry, “mill” is synonymous with factory, machine, and rolling device, derived from the ancient Latin word “mola.”

Amid current transformations, businesspeople are evolving into tech-brokers and traders. They must refine their skills and discover new methods to complete transactions that previously occurred in person. Advanced editorial methods for remote negotiations are now essential, and these methods also help rekindle conversations with customers. Mill’s serves as a straightforward editorial tool to enhance international business despite logistical and travel challenges.

Mill’s embodies constant motion and flow—an inexhaustible editorial force that consistently produces effective business results. To promote this flow, in 2020, 9133 Design Studio ( created a logo for the brand. The logo represents the letter “M” while functioning like a windmill, the oldest and most effective mill known.

In 2021, the Mill’s project became an independent company based in Italy.