East-West Intelligent City

East-West Intelligent City. Citymatics between East and West.


East-West Intelligent City is an editorial project that explores and provides the latest developments in the debate concerning the ‘intelligent’ city. This is the first edition of a unique publication that addresses convergences and crosscurrents in Middle Eastern and Occidental concepts and iterations of citymatics. The publication develops 4 main themes and features a special focus on cultural and business opportunities and cases addressed to entrepreneurs and investors.

Essential in the era of Smart Cities, the publication addresses convergences and crosscurrents in Middle Eastern and Occidental concepts and iterations of citymatics including: essays discussing Smart Cities and communities East and West, the appeal and intellectual traditions of the Arab city as well as European experiences and the concept of ‘nomadism’.

A special section on mobility and culture will provide up-to-date information on transportation projects in Dubai, Riyadh, Doha and Abu Dhabi as well as a broader overview of mobility, transport, airports, smart traffic, global sustainability and transport solutions in the MENA region designed to respond to Arab culture and lifestyle and how technology has contributed to cultural patrimony in Arab countries.

In addition, East-West Intelligent Cities addresses the latest developments in ‘smart building’ technology and home automation with information on Metra’s Aluminium City; Italian style and material choices and design for infrastructure, buildings and interiors; as well as the latest information on sustainable architecture and ‘smart materials’. Smart services and how to integrate them with either existing or new facilities will be addressed along with how citymatics can be utilized to build intelligent government through automation of city and public services in addition to education and training.


Image: Pen Box, Museum of Islamic Art Doha 


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