Home Design Goes Digital

Oct 14, 2020

New apps and online configurators revolutionize the real estate market


Princype, a sustainable urban residential complex in Milan, offers interested buyers a series of flexible options when it comes to size, floorplan, interior finishes and fittings, which also means a broad range of price points. What’s new is that many of these choices can now be made remotely via the ‘home configurator’, designed by Techma S.p.A and available through Princype’s website.
Once a potential homeowner accesses the site, they can choose from 4 residence types—each of which offer a selection of sizes and floorplans. Once these first decisions have been made, there are three ‘style’ options: Elegance, Contemporary, and Limited Edition, which in turn offer more detailed options for finish and fixture packages, all of which can be virtually visualized on your screen.

Milano Contract District, a unique project that brings together top interior and home design brands under the same roof and makes them available to real estate professionals as well as offering a wide array of services to developers, builders, architects and home buyers, has also developed a new digital platform: Home‑J.

For the buyer, Home‑J offers the ability to follow the specification of all aspects of a new residence and can also be used to request a video conference with an architect, consult the timeline of the jobsite activities, and even participate in customer satisfaction surveys or request post-sales service. For interiors Home‑J makes it possible to schedule and participate in live video conferences with the designer and the MCD team. At the same time homeowners are given a personal log-in to access Home‑J remotely and manage, track, archive, update, and inquire about the progress on their new home.

The Home‑J app is also useful from the B2B perspective (promoters, brokers, developers, investors). Based on Milano Contract District’s ERP management system, the app allows real estate professionals constant, real-time visibility of all the activities managed by MCD as well as a system for keeping track of scheduled completions of tens or even hundreds of buyers for the residences or residential complexes under construction.

Thanks to this digital interface, clients (B2C) and brokers (B2B) can remotely monitor progress, guaranteeing at every step that schedules and appointments which require decision making are maintained, efficiently coordinating the entire process from design and construction to interior finish-out and title transfer.


Bonnie McClellan-Broussard 


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