The New Home Office

Nov 7, 2020

New technologies and challenges call for a new kind of furniture


At a time when, in a sudden and unexpected way, people of different ages and with different needs find themselves spending a lot of time at home, furnishings are required to be high-performance, functional, lively, and durable. All features with which the beautiful modular systems of the Swiss company USM have been equipped for more than fifty years.

In 2020, our lives are not centered around books, notebooks, memo pads, and board games. Instead, we find our hands busy with smartphones, tablets, Kindles, keyboards, chargers, laptops, PCs, monitors, mice, screens, headphones, printers and toner.
Tools that are vitally important when it comes to staying connected with the outside world: school, colleagues, clients, friends, grandparents, and distant relatives.

That’s exactly why USM has equipped the USM Haller modular systems with intelligently designed accessories, such as the cable tray below the surface to connect computers and smartphones, flat screen monitor supports or integrated lighting to illuminate your work surface when you’re working in the evening and, of course, USB charging sockets.


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