The Visitor

A great Italian master in Asia.

By Vittorio Volpi
Published by Biblioteca Ambrosiana and Bulzoni Editore

The cultural case of Alessandro Valignano, the Visitor who began one of the greatest enterprises of the Renaissance, is now open.
This book in published as a part of “Forum Valignano” programme, promoted by Art Valley with organizational support and endorsement by Fondazione Carichieti and Fondazione Italia-Giappone.


Giuseppe Pittau, s.J.,
Valignano’s lesson: language and culture

THE VISITOR. A great Italian master in Asia

  1. The Japan found by the first Europeans
  2. Alessandro Valignano in the far East of the 16th century
  3. Japanese nobles visit Europe
  4. Japan in transformation
  5. Valignano, pioneer of inculturation
  6. The Japanese church in the storm and the “chained country”

The book’s main characters
Europe and Japan between the 16th and 17th centuries
appendiX 1 – Young Valignano’s trial
appendiX 2 – Valignano in his thirties preparing the Asian mission
General bibliography
Index of names
List of illustrations