Aluminium and Steel

Dec 2, 2020 |

Working together to forge a more productive future

By Maurizio Grisanti, Commercial Director of the Forging and Casting Division, Lucchini RS


For several years, the Lucchini RS Group has been looking at the aluminium industry with growing interest because this non-ferrous metal has so many applications—ranging from the automotive sector, to the industrial sector, to packaging and consumer electronics.

To meet the demand for products used in aluminium production processes, the company has developed a business line of steels for die-casting molds, for extrusion press tooling equipment, and for rollers used in continuous casting (Twin Roll Caster).

The Lucchini RS Group is always focused on identifying market trends as well as emerging technologies. Aluminium is a metal with characteristics that are ever more suited to multiple uses, both in the industrial sector and in everyday life.

The market is made up of large international groups with production sites on every continent as well as small and medium-sized producers operating regionally. They are all important to us and we try to give them the world-class service they deserve.

The Lucchini RS Group wants to be a global, reliable partner for the sustainable progress of mobility and industry which offers advanced customer-oriented solutions. This is who we are. It’s at the core of all our initiatives.

At Lucchini RS Group, partnership is understood as a collaboration with OEMs and end users to jointly develop high-performance, forged-steel products that are capable of improving the quality of the goods and the performance of their respective processes.

All of our customers have their own identity, processes, and production philosophy—it’s up to us to understand these unique qualities and adapt to provide the most suitable solution.

The Lucchini RS Group would never adhere to the “one size fits all” motto; for us, each client is unique. The company is able to offer this level of service because, as an integrated producer, it manages every step of the production process.
In fact, from steel manufacturing and forging to heat treatment and mechanical processing, everything is carried out in our factories under the supervision of the best process control and quality technicians.

At the Lucchini RS Group, working together with our customers, we’re constantly working through the challenge of products in continuous evolution; it’s precisely our constant research into improving steels and their characteristics that allows us to generate value for our customers. In this sense, our Laboratory and Metallurgy Management department are carrying out work essential to ensuring the level of development our clients request from us.

Our products are available not only on the European market but also in India and Turkey, countries that have established themselves as manufacturing hubs in the industry in recent years. Obviously, our goal is also to expand our presence in other important markets and guarantee not only quality products but also technological solutions to our customers’ problems.

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