Brescia’s Camozzi Group Inaugurates Industry 4.0

Jan 4, 2018

Brescia’s Camozzi Group closed out 2017 with €370M in turnover from the sale of components for industrial automation (from valves to cylinders) in 75 countries and they’re looking forward to more growth in the future thanks to investments in R&D. In a recent interview with Corriere Della Sera, Lodovico Camozzi – president and CEO of the group – remarked that they had approved 30 million euros of investment in high-tech goods and systems for 2018. 

Camozzi is also looking to win big through its partnerships with the academic and research world including Genoa’s Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) and the University of Berkeley in the United States. The Camozzi group has signed an agreement for the creation of a joint laboratory dedicated to robotics, automation and sustainable materials with the IIT and it has also joined the Industrial Liaison Program of the faculty of Computer science of Berkeley in California and has joined the “iCyPhy” (Industrial Cyber Physical systems) consortium. 

As it was during the first industrial revolution, today the textile sector is driving change. For Camozzi, digitization started in 2011 with the group’s historic textile machinery company, Marzoli. As the CEO said to the Corriere’s Rita Querzé: “Having a remotely functioning fault prediction system that allows us to offer 24/7 customer services from Italy to a factory in India makes a difference. Now we are bringing the new DNA 4.0 developed in the textile industry to the other companies in the group, from the production of machine tools with Innse Berardi to the molding of plastic with Camozzi Plastic.” The Group is also working through reorganizing its logistics. This effort includes building a new logistics hub for the group at Palazzolo sull’Oglio (Brescia) that will allow the company to deliver over 80% of its available products throughout Europe in just a few hours.

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