The digital revolution for metal surface treatments

Jan 11, 2019

The Gaser Group is located in Northern Italy’s “Metal Valley”


Gaser was established in Italy 1945 by Bruno Gasparini under the name of Fragas as a company specialized in jewellery treatments. The company changed its name to Gaser SPA in 1965 and Bruno’s son Sergio began focusing on aluminium profile treatments. The firm expanded extensively over the following decades, opening new plants and developing its range of services. Gaser SPA now operates 5 manufacturing centres and employs over 200 skilled workers.

Today, the Gaser Group is composed of six companies that are located in what is known as Northern Italy’s “Metal Valley”. These companies specialize in technical coatings for metals and automotive parts including: anodizing, nickel plating, zinc plating, nanotechnologies and many other high-tech coatings invented in the company’s R&D labs, which are run by industry experts.

Gaser’s international focus involves exporting both its expertise and its plants into strategic countries, as well as industrializing innovative coatings and treatments.The quality standards are becoming stricter in these countries, and these higher standards help to increase the lifespan of the treated components. Gaser can respond to these needs, providing excellence across multiple metal-processing sectors, in terms of both quality assurance and environmental protection.

Like many successful Italian companies, Gaser started as a family company and it still works towards creating strong and productive working relationships both within the company and with its partners and clients.

The major investments made by the Gaser Group in Industry 4.0, leveraging the power of big data, were able to create an intuitive and responsive digital workforce: the company’s Industrial Digital Operator. Through a platform, adapted to the Group’s specific characteristics and to the company’s Industrial Digital Operator’s 24/24h activities, Gaser is able to continually supervise and monitor the production processes, providing its clients with real time updates on the progress of their orders. The result of this combined action has allowed the development of projects on the Free-Pass model, which made it possible to reduce lead times, guaranteeing the perfect quality of workmanship and so improving the customer’s competitiveness in international markets.

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