From East to West

Jul 28, 2014

A Cortina hotelier brings sought-after Royal visitors from the East to the jewel of the Italian Alps.


She has travelled around the world from New York to Riyadh, and this tireless promoter of Cortina’s fascinating beauty, Flavia Cusinato – owner of the Hotel Ancora – returned from a few business trips in 2013 with exciting news about future royal visits.
Currently, Ms. Cusinato continues to give her time and energy to promoting the jewel of the Italian Alps in the Gulf States and throughout the world.

As Cusinato stated in an interview with Corriere delle Alpi: “We must not only wait for the government to resolve the crisis, we ourselves must make an effort to get out and meet the right people. The data confirms that foreign tourism is on the rise and so we need to go out and present Cortina to the world. In New York I went to the committee led by Piergiorgio Togni, former president of ENIT (Italy’s National Tourism Board). After this I went to Dubai’s Arabian Travel Market. There I saw represented neither Cortina, nor Italy, nor Veneto; but, as ever, I promoted all of Cortina. I held meetings with important agencies such as Al Taiara, which is the agency that manages travel for the royal family. Our magnificent valley is popular in the Emirates,” concluded Cusinato, “and bringing visitors of the caliber of the King of Saudi Arabia is excellent publicity and excellent promotion for Cortina, but also for the entire area spanned by Belluno’s mountains. As long as I am able, I will continue to promote Cortina because I love this area.”

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