Green Learning: Mastering Landscape and Garden Planning and Conservation

Mar 1, 2014

The Minoprio Foundation and the Politecnico di Milano are offering a Masters program in garden and landscape planning and conservation.

The 1500 hour program – to be held at the Minoprio Foundation headquarters in Vertemate con Minoprio from April 2, 2014 through the end of March 2015 – aims to provide continuing education relativeto: the analysis of landscape and the environment, designing for the creation of new green spaces and innovative planting solutions, mastering the methods of historical inquiry necessary to recover cultural heritage (such as historic arks and plant-based architecture), as well as the planning, management and maintenance of new installations.

Candidates are required to have earned a bachelors degree from an Italian or foreign university in one of the following disciplines: Architecture, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Forestry, Industrial Design, Life Sciences, Agricultural Technology, Environmental Sciences, Natural Sciences or Biology. However, the selection committee is also willing to consider candidates with other professional or educational experience that would have properly prepared them to successfully complete the program. Course placements are limited; only 25 students will be accepted.

Program studies will touch on five areas:knowledge and use of ornamental plants; landscape analysis and planning; public green space; garden history and restoration; landscape protection andconservation; and will also include an internship and a research trip. Inaddition, students will benefit from the interdisciplinary teaching strategies and perspectives offered by the faculty composed of university professors, business professionals active in the sector, agronomists and botanists who are associated with the Minoprio Fondazione.

The program, now in its tenth year, is practical and geared towards preparing students to work within the sector. Accepted candidates will pay a course fee of €5,800.00 (payable in 2 installments) and, after completing the course and the final exam will be awarded a University Masters in “Garden and Landscape design and preservation”.

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