From Cattolica to San Francisco

Oct 24, 2014

UMPI marks its arrival in the United States by participating in the launch of Smart Wave, a new Silicon Valley start-up.


The UMPI model of efficiency and services, which is already being utilized in many countries, is now transformed into a new technological business to promote powerline services in the industrial segment and on the American market.

It’s called Smartwave and it was initiated with the idea of exporting to America one of the industrial businesses that best represents today’s Italy, which is looking towards the future: UMPI. With this entrepreneurial plan, launched in partnership with local businesses, UMPI aims to offer its services throughout the U.S., taking advantage of public lighting systems through the use of remotely-managed powerline systems.

Smartwave will take advantage of powerline laboratories and research centers as well as the world of Smart applications, all equipped with the most sophisticated equipment and facilities in the field of technological innovation: not only an investment to stimulate entrepreneurial activity overseas but also the development of an intelligent enterprise. The initiative has the unique feature of involving UMPI management, through a hybrid organizational model, that allows them to remotely integrate their activities with those of the active technicians in the United States.

The Minos system, already installed on more than a half a million lampposts worldwide, will be used to accelerate the creationof new and extremely innovative products, applications and services, thanks also to the unquestionable benefits that SmartWave will derive from direct interaction with the technological atmosphere of Silicon Valley.

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