Mathaf: arab museum of modern art

Jul 31, 2014

Mathaf museum hosts exhibitions, programs and events that explore and celebrate modern and contemporary art and offer an Arab perspective on international art.

The Museum, one of the first Qatar Museum’s Authority institution, opened to the public in 2010, is conceived to be used as an inspiring space for dialogue and scholarship about modern and contemporary art in Qatar, in the region, and in the world.

Its story really begins more than twenty years ago, when its patron and founder H.E. Sheikh Hassan bin Mohamed bin Ali Al Thani first began to imagine what an Arab Museum of Modern Art might look like. He started to build a collection that could serve artists and public as a rich and representative treasure-house of modern Arab art. And he saw this collection as a starting point, to create more opportunities for artists and for art-lovers in Doha and around the world.

Mathaf is located in a converted school building on the edge of Education City, off Al-Luqta Street, in Doha.

For more information, call +974 4402 8855.

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