Peverelli, signature gardens and green spaces

Dec 7, 2014

Peverelli’s history emerges from the green back in 1890 when the Company – which still pursues the same ideals today – was established by founders devoted to caring for the numerous parks and gardens surrounding the patrician families’ country houses in the village. 

Over a century of activity marks the tradition that binds our family together: an intense passion for creating gardens and growing beautiful trees and shrubs in our own nurseries. The persistent acquisition of new experiences and technologies, always in a spirit of continual renewal, constitutes the fundamental and successful element in the growth of our company, which plays a leading role in the landscaping sector and beyond. 

Now in its fourth generation, the Peverelli family has expanded the company’s horizons with the recent establishment of a division for the design and construction of decorative urban accessories.

Peverelli takes center stage at Milan’s Expo 2015 as designer and supplier of greenery for some of the participating countries’ principal pavilions.

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