Research and creativity key factors for Menphis

Nov 10, 2014

The company managed by the Menin family became a global leader in the leather and aluminum decoration sectors in less than 30 years thanks to the innovative spirit of its founder.

Menphis, founded in 1982 in the Como area, produces decorative films for various materials (fabric, leather, metals – mainly aluminium – and plastic). A leader in transfer technology using films applied to fabrics, leather and aluminium, it has won over the Italian market, as well as foreign ones, thanks to the strongly innovative spirit that sets it apart. In 1995 it widened its field of operation to include leather, then adding metal decoration in 1998 and plastic in 2006.

Currently it prints 30 million sam of decorative film per year, exporting to more than 60 countries. The protagonist of this development has been the founder, Gilberto Menin, the current president, with the help of his employees and two sons. In recent years the company has gradually grown, expanding its own sphere of influence to the architecture and interior design worlds and achieving the position of world leader in the leather decoration and aluminium decoration sectors. An applied research centre that satisfies all its clients’ requests supports Menphis’ research towards the aim of generating a substantial amount of business.

Marco Menin, managing director of Menphis and responsible for the Middle East and Australasia marketing project. With a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering he has been working at Menphis in various positions of progressive responsibility.

“Despite our productive capacity and the amount of transfer film printed every year, defining ourselves as a printing company would be entirely simplistic: our business is not limited to supplying just film to our clients. Our target is anyone that wants to decorate their products (leather, fabric, metal, plastic) to make them different, because it is only by differentiating yourself that you can stand out in an extremely competitive market such as the current one.
Yet the technological solution does not have to be, and should not be, the same for every client: we have always refused to say that creativity and aesthetic beauty cannot exist in technical items, like metal. So, thanks to our more than twenty years of experience, we are able to offer turnkey solutions (that is, film and the machinery to utilise it) for those clients that want to become more acquainted with the wonderful sector of decorative surfaces for the first time.
In this way we believe that we are the perfect partners for all players who want to buy a very high-tech product, which is environmentally friendly and glamorous, like a fashion item.”

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