The world’s most beautiful highrise

Dec 20, 2014

Metra windows and doors for the Bosco Verticale.


Pioneering design, functionality, innovative building technology, urban integration, sustainability and cost effectiveness… the combination of these qualities secured the International Highrise Award for the Bosco Verticale (or Vertical Forest), today considered the world’s most innovative multi-story building.

The skyscraper can be envisioned as a forest that progresses on a vertical axis that, in accord with the intentions of the designer Studio Boeri, regenerates the environment and biodiversity by ensuring both optimal environmental sustainability as well as the highest standards of wellbeing for residents. The Bosco Verticale project paves the way for the development of green skyscrapers and can be considered as a prototype for the cities of the future.

Year of construction:

Studio Boeri


METRA systems utilized:
Casement window and door systems NC 65 STH
Sliding window and door systems NC‑S 150 STH
Curtain wall system POLIEDRA-SKY 50
Prefabricated façade systems
Ventilated façade systems

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