About INCAL 2019

Jan 11, 2019

The 7th International Conference on Aluminium, INCAL-2019 (31st January-3rd February, Bhubaneswar, India) is being organized by the Aluminium Association of India (AAI), in order to bring the international Aluminium community together on a single platform where the current issues are discussed and ideas are exchanged regarding the growth and development of Aluminium. This is a very prestigious Conference on Aluminium that is held in the country only once every four/five years.

INCAL-2019 is the seventh in the series of INCALs, whose basic objective is to bring the international aluminium community together on a single platform where the current issues will be discussed and ideas will be exchanged regarding the growth, development and potential of aluminium, keeping in view the sustained growth of Indian industry and the need to support further growth. INCALs are organized by the Aluminium Association of India (AAI) under the aegis of the Ministry of Mines, of the Government of India. With the first Conference held in 1985, INCAL has become one of the biggest events for the aluminium industry in Asia.

In the context of INCAL, a great deal of emphasis has been given to the importance of advanced metallurgy in the world transportation system and with a focus on the Indian market, promoting a Special Session, in collaboration with ArtValley and IIMH: Aluminium in Railways and Transportation. The Challenge of Metallurgy in the world of transportation in India (2.30 pm, 31st January, 2019).

“Honourable Guests,
Dear Organisers,

It is very important to talk about aluminium in India if we consider its natural reserves. And, Italy’s experience in ferrous and non-ferrous metals is unique.

I would like to take advantage of the ‘AlCircle’ sources to point out that India has produced around 3.42 ML t/y of primary aluminium in 2018. Furthermore it imports aluminium scrap equalling 1.12 ML t/y for a total of around 4.5 ML t/y. Meanwhile, India’s factories use only 2 ML t/y of aluminium for domestic production and sell the remainder. So, it’s quite clear that the Downstream sector India has low consumption and needs much more.

INCAL-2019 is an exceptional opportunity to develop international cooperation, in the field of non-ferrous metals, between those companies that are working in the capacity of technology integrators, and those that are ready to receive these technologies in countries that have a large user base to develop.

Another important and urgent issue is that in the near future we will see a growing need for environmental safety criteria in metallurgy. In as much as the European standards are the most rigorous and selective, the opportunity to export these criteria, also to India, would bring certain benefits to the environment and to people.

Our Indo-Italian MetalHUB program, targeted at decision makers in the industrial sectors in India and in Italy, and focused on the industrial and cultural exchange between the two countries and all around the world, continues with this prestigious event: INCAL 2019.

I would like to offer my very best wishes to the organisers for the success of the INCAL-2019 Conference and Exhibition that is held this year in Bhubaneswar. Thank you.”

Dr. Francesca Bruni, president Art Valley

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