Cooperating with India

Jul 3, 2018

The Indo-Italian Metal HUB, Palazzo Lombardia, Milan, Italy, 2nd July 2018

“What do we mean by cooperating with India in the field of raw materials? This is the question posed by this conference.

An extraordinary event took place from 15 to 23 January 2018, in India, and in particular in Odisha, where the first IndoItalian Metal HUB initiative was held. This event inaugurated a programme for interchange between the industrial metals districts of India and Italy, thanks also to the efforts of AAI, the Aluminium Association of India, of the Government of Odisha, and of the major Italian metallurgy associations.
The work of the day is intended to elaborate the possible technical, technological, engineering and market collaborations between the industrial metal networks of the two countries.

We work primarily with transnationals, industrial groups, national and private groups, together with state and national government entities.
One very important aspect of working in an international context is recognizing the importance of information and understanding its strategic value in order to use it effectively to advance our interests. What projects are there in a given area, who are the actors, what interests are at play, and what resources and strategies should be used? Economic and financial, geopolitical and regional: questions related to each of these aspects have a relevant influence within the context in which we are interested in operating. We must describe, interpret, and intuit the direction in which things are moving.

An event such as this, ‘Indo-Italian Meta lHUB’, organized today in Milan by a number of Italian and Indian associations and institutions, is a privileged channel for gathering information, a ‘temporary think tank’, where topics, news, and research in a given industrial sector—in this case that of aluminium—are compared; here, we have the opportunity to meet key people and decision makers and to initiate a conversation with them that continues over time.

As one of the organizers, I hope that this event will produce abundantly fruitful results for every participant, both in terms of their own businesses as well as their personal experiences.
I would also like to thank each of the Indian and Italian institutions and associations that have given their endorsements and provided their cooperation for the success of this event, as well as the companies that have contributed. I offer my special thanks.”

Francesca Bruni, president Art Valley

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