India: industry, culture, strategy

May 19, 2019

13 June 2019, AIB, Via Cefalonia 60, Brescia, 14.30. International Conference with the endorsement of several institutions and the Patronage of the General Consulate of India in Milano.

Brescia is one of Europe’s most strategic industrial districts and this is enhanced by its proximity to the Milan area. Many qualified Brescian companies are already involved in effective interchange activities with India. Therefore, Art Valley, together with IIMH, has promoted the conference India: industry, culture, strategy in Brescia, with the collaboration of AIB — Associazione Industriale Bresciana. This meeting has been attended by many of the major industrial players and institutions that are involved in the interchange project with India.

Thus, 2019 marks a challenge for Brescia, Italy’s primary industrial district. Brescia, which is located in the northern Italian province of Lombardy, will promote its growing collaboration with India, considering that Lombardy constitutes almost 40% of Italian exports to the Subcontinent. 

PROGRAMME: India.Brescia




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