Indo-Italian Leather Hub

Feb 12, 2018

A project that covers several stages in the cooperation between the Italian and the Indian leather districts.

This Mission takes place in several stops in the cities of Milan, Minerbe, Arzignano and Vicenza. It involves the main Italian Leather and Tannery Associations and institutional bodies, Confindustria Vicenza, UNIC, ASSOMAC, SSIP, in a new exploration of the market as an unforeseen experience.

After the MOU signed by Paolo Gurisatti, President of the SSIP, and Ramesh Juneja, President of CLCTA (Calcutta Leather Complex Tannery Association), the Mission – taking place on the 20–24th of February and organized by Art Valley in cooperation with West Bengal Government and the General Consulate of Italy in Kolkata – has a particular relevance in terms of business diplomacy between the two districts.

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