Indo-Italian Metal-Hub

Oct 26, 2017

15–23 january 2018. Organized by Art Valley, a week of interactions between the Italian Metals System and the two fastest growing Indian hubs of metals, Kolkata (West Bengal) and Bhubaneswar (Orissa), and Mumbai.
The event “Indo-Italy Metalhub” is a project aimed at decision makers in the metal sector between India, Italy and the European Hub that received the endorsement and the collaboration of several Institutions in the sector of metals.

The Week will be held in the states of West Bengal, Orissa and Marastrhra on 15–23 January 2018, and is dedicated to the promotion and development of interchange between Indian Metal Industry and the positive interaction between “Made in Italy” know-how and experience and the suggestions coming from “Make in India”.

Italian industry is a leader European hub of non-ferrous metals and specialty materials, and has been conceived as a strategic “public diplomacy” initiative, with the goal of building strong relationships between the hosting Country India and Italian and European industrial and technology partners, in order to involve those in the two countries having influence on the purchasing of supplies, start-ups, technological innovations, advanced materials, services, and jobs.

Art Valley has recently promoted meetings for the promotion of Eastern India major companies, in cooperation with Metef, Amafond, Assofond, Italian Confindustria, Italian Railways District (Ditecfer). ArtValley was the leader of the Italian delegation during the 2017 edition of Bengal Business Summit.

In the coming weeks, together with the Italian magazine A&L, and the Al Circle Aluminium Network as Indian Partners, Art Valley acts as the fulcrum of the organization, with the mission of coordinating the companies in the sector of aluminium, metals and specialty materials industry companies moving towards shared strategic and operational objectives.

In the past years the ArtValley events finalized to the interchange between Asia and Europe received the endorsement and the cooperation
of outstanding institutions: Italian Ministry of Foreign affairs; Government of West Bengal, several business associations belonging to Confindustria, General Consulate in Kolkata, Ditecfer, Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce, FICCI. For the Indo-Italian Metal-hub the first list of the Italian Associations and Institutions invited to take part of the event is the following: Aluminium Association of India (AAI), Metef, Amafond, Assofond, Assomet, Sinfonet, Ditecfer.


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