A Japanese book boosts Italian tourism

Jul 20, 2013

Yasuko Ishikawa, with the first publication of its kind in Japanese, Abruzzo Misterioso, first and foremost helps to fill a knowledge gap.


“A significant amount of Japanese direct investment in Italy is concentrated in the Abruzzo region, including such high-profile companies as Honda, Denso and Nippon Sheet Glass. However, until now it has been almost entirely absent from the Japanese tourist itinerary, hampered by a lack of images in comparison to the strong presence of the “competition”: nearby regions such as Lazio, Umbria, Tuscany and Puglia.
Yasuko Ishikawa, with the first publication of its kind in Japanese (“Abruzzo Misterioso, published by Sekai Bunka), first and foremost helps to fill a knowledge gap: recently, at the book’s recent presentation in Tokyo, many in the audience were amazed that they knew almost nothing about this region, so rich with various attractions, before now”, writes Stefano Carrer for Il Sole 24 ore.

“Visiting Abruzzo is like embarking on a journey into the soul of Italy, a step towards understanding its beating heart, its history and its culture. Knowing only Florence, Venice and Rome is like judging a human being based solely on appearance”, says the Japanese author in an interview with Simone Locatelli on Leiweb, an RCS group webzine. “And this is fundamental to helping Italy, that the country itself should show the world even its smaller, less conspicuous treasures”.

Yasuko Ishikawa has been in Rome Thursday July 11thfor the first presentation of “Abruzzo Misterioso” in Italy; followed by other important stops in Abruzzo from the 15th to the 25thof July. The presentation in Rome – under the auspices of the Italy-Japan Foundation and with the support of Art Valley and the Abruzzo Region – has been held in the Sala della Crociera at the Cultural Ministry’s Biblioteca di Archeologia e Storia dell’Arte (beginning at 18:30, via del Collegio Romano No.27). The “presenter” has been the Abruzzo native Gianni Letta with additional commentary by Giovanni Chiodi (President of the Abruzzo Region) and Umberto Donati (Director of the Italy-Japan Foundation). The young artists Shihori Wada (soprano) and AiWatanabe (pianist) has been performed a tribute to the Abruzzo composer Paolo Tosti.

At 11:00 am on Tuesday, July 16th, Yasuko Ishikawa has been presented her book in Chieti.

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