Masterclass “Metals&Motion” 2017

Nov 10, 2016

The Italian travelling “event” on railways, metals and smart mobility.

ArtValley promotes a 10-day “Masterclass” project, that will be held in Italy in 2017, aimed at decision makers in the rail sector in the Gcc–MENA–India area, with the collaboration of Ditecfer, Italcertifer, LucchiniRS and other major players in the Italian mobility sector.

ArtValley together with Ditecfer acts as the fulcrum of the organization, having in their programme the mission of coordinating rail industry companies moving towards shared strategic and operational objectives:

- Showcase Italian experience in the field of intelligent mobility on an international level, by way of educational instruments.

- Create a network of communication and relationships for exportation with key people from the transport sector.

- Create communication modules for business diplomacy through products, services and design.

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