The strengths of safety

Feb 10, 2016

Dictionary of transportation in the Middle East. 

Middle East Rail: We are in the third year of an interchange initiative in Dubai between Italian and Arab businesspeople regarding innovations in transport. 

This roundtable initiative in the 2016 edition focuses on the issue of safety..

The conference, promoted by ArtValley, brings together some crucial evidence regarding the effectiveness of research on integrated transport. Among which are: the impact of materials with sand, unpredictable events, projects designed specifically for high-speed equipment, Smart Cities and Smart Mobility.
Thanks to Italcertifer, Lucchini RS, Ditecfer, Danieli and others, with their research centers and laboratories – operating in 5 continents –, an impressive body of information regarding the major players has been collected.

Participating will be executives, industry leaders and researchers. Invited to the conference are also industry and GCC railways representatives. It also has the sponsorship of both industrial and financial players and has received technical endorsement from: A&L, Al Circle, Foundry Ecocer, FA CE, and Metef.

The conference will also present the most recent issue of MF International 2016 Gulf-Italy (published by Class Editori).

Dictionary of transportation in the Middle East
March 9th 2016 — 12:30 — 14:00
Maintenance Theatre
Middle East Rail — Dubai WTC

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