The Top 50 of Italian Architecture Firms

Jan 2, 2018

As it does every year, Guamari has recently released their annual ranking of Italy’s largest architecture firms. Coming up in the top spot, with €20.8M in turnover (a nearly 70% increase in one year), is One Works, leapfrogging Renzo Piano Architects which has fallen into second with a turnover of €12.5M.
The most substantial growth among the largest Italian architecture firms is primarily due to foreign business. One Works and Renzo Piano have logged a foreign turnover of about 80%. Meanwhile, the external turnover some others on the list exceeds 90%.

CREW (Cremonesi Workshop) now features among the top five firms; moving up to fourth place from its position at number ten in 2015. With 70% of turnover coming from foreign commissions, this represents an important step in the growth of the company and its consolidation in the international market. CREW also partners with the current leader, One Works.

CREW is a leading Italian multidisciplinary practice of engineers, architects with 29 years of experience. CREW provides integrated and full range services, that include architectural, structural and MEP design. From metro stations to energy plant, form large commercial structures to motorway and roads, CREW works across all sectors, enabling technologically-advanced design that is appropriate, economic and sensitive to environmental and human needs. 

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